# Privacy Policy

Need any help, encountered bugs, or want clarification? Feel free to email us — support@kanobo.com

This policy applies to all products built and maintained by kanobo, Inc. ("we"), which covers the logged-in application ("App") and this public documentation site ("Public Site").

kanobo is at an early stage of our product development, but we have tried our best to write a policy that covers what we plan for our services. We will notify users about major changes via email and on the Public Site.

# Core Principles

# Your lab's data is your lab's property

We promise never to sell or mine your lab's data. This will never change. We do not share your information with other organizations for fun or profit. You will never see ads in our App. We will never use your data in ads. We will only use your data strictly for the necessary operation of the App. When you invite people to your lab the data they contribute is the property of the lab's owner.

We don't track user mouse movements and record your screens. We don't track user mouse movements, generate heatmaps of your behavior, or use screen playback analytics services without your knowledge — even for debug purposes — it's crazy how some other apps and sites do that.

We can't login to your lab. We do not have Super User accounts that can log in to any lab. As a result, we do rely on users to contact us at support@kanobo.com with details and screenshots to fix issues.

# Anonymized Traffic Analytics

This Public Site and App uses Plausible, a cookie-less and privacy-friendly analytics service to keep track of non personal data such as traffic stats and referral sources.

# Third Party Policies

Here are the third-party services we use and their privacy policies. Our policy doesn't cover what they do with your data, however we only use services of companies that provide capabilities outside our domain expertise and are highly trusted within the technology community. We encourage you to learn more:

  • Google Cloud Platform (Privacy Policy) - User authentication, data processing, and data storage
  • Chargebee with Stripe (Privacy Policy & Privacy Policy) - Collection of billing information and processing of subscriptions and payments
  • Twilio Sendgrid (Privacy Policy) - Email communications
  • Algolia (Privacy Policy) - Powers your Lab's search capabilities

# Data Security

All data transmitted from our servers to your browser is encrypted via SSL/TLS. We try our best to follow best practices and you can read more about the security of the services we use:

# Your Personal Data

# What information do you collect about me?

  • When you first login, we collect your email address. If your name and avatar are also provided we will include those in our database.
  • You can change your name and/or avatar by clicking your profile image on the top right corner of the App.
  • When you add a Lab Member for the first time you provide us with their email address which we also store.

# How will you use the personal data you collected about me?

  • Your name and avatar will be used in the App
  • Sending email invitations to people who are added as Lab Members
  • Sending email notifications of Lab Activity
  • Sending email notifications of major App service and security announcements.

# Your Lab's Data

# How will you use the lab data you collected?

  • Providing you a platform to input and store your lab's data in a project management and electronic notebook system.
  • Provide customer service if your lab reports a bug or issue to us via email
  • For debugging or making improvements to the App if your lab is experiencing breaking bugs

# How long will you keep my lab's data?

Your lab data will be kept as long as the Lab is has an active subscription. You can suspend your lab in Lab Settings to pause billing and we will store the data in a frozen state until you are ready to reactivate your billing again. If there is no activity for an extended period of time we will mark an account and its data for deletion. We will email you before this happens. You can also email us at support@kanobo.com once a Lab is suspended to request manual deletion.

# Data Access

You can access your data by using the App. If you are a Lab Owner and would like a raw export of your data, please email us at support@kanobo.com using your login email address.

We don't use cookies for this Public Site. We do use cookies for user authentication and user state management in our App. Our third-party services listed above that use cookies are Google Cloud Platform and Chargebee/Stripe for user authentication and subscription billing.